Perhaps there is no need to talk about the reason to study in the US anymore: the American dream, the most developed country in the world, of course, one of the most excellent and diverse educational institutions in the world, American culture... Understandably, studying in the US is the dream of many young people.

1. American Dream

The “American Dream” is a common idea among many Americans, that anyone, no matter how humble a start, with just a little bit of hard work will be welcome in the promised land. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Z are real-life witnesses to this “dream.”

However, you don't have to be a celebrity or an international star to reach the "American dream". As an international student, you can too! Many international students come to the US on their own, in which many individuals are awarded scholarships thanks to their desire to learn every day. They all start their careers, settle down and turn a new page of their lives in this hospitable land.

2. Developed Country #1 in the World and Excellent Education

The US has successfully built one of the best education systems in the world with nearly 4,000 universities and among them more than 1,000 universities are recognized and famous for the quality of training, many excellent programs in the country. fields of study.

The education system in the US has a certain place in the International Rankings

That's why a college diploma in the US is highly regarded around the world. Every year, American universities appear as stars in the prestigious rankings. While names like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT are highly sought after by international students, it is difficult to find a seat in the lecture halls of these schools. However, the good news is that you have a long list of prestigious universities in the US to find at least one that is perfect for you.

At the undergraduate level, American universities have many outstanding programs in popular subjects as well as a variety of professional fields for students to choose from, from Economics, Technology, Education, Medicine to other fields. very creative courses like Art, Cinema....

At Master's and Doctoral levels, students regularly have the opportunity to study and work with world-leading researchers. A global education where degrees from American universities are recognized worldwide for the quality of their teaching.

Its experienced faculty, practical environment, research opportunities and wide range of applications are what anyone pursuing an education should aim for. The experience gained from an American university is highly regarded in the international job market.

American education pays special attention to training towards students' long-term career goals. Studying in the US will help students develop confidence, build critical thinking skills, adapt and communicate in a multicultural environment, so the US is your first choice. for education in general, undergraduate and postgraduate in particular.

Flexibility and diversity in education

The American education system is very flexible in terms of the courses offered, allowing you to choose your course, you can choose to specialize in the areas you are interested in and skip classes that are not suitable. This means that you can design your own curriculum without being bound by a fixed framework.

If you choose a general education, you will prepare more for your future than just help with your immediate career plans. General education helps you become a more well-rounded person, able to succeed in a job in your own area of ​​expertise or thrive in another.

If you want to save money, you can choose to study at a Community College with a very affordable tuition ($5,000 - $12,000/year) that still has good training quality. After 2 years of study you will receive a vocational certificate. Usually, students after these 2 years will register for another 2 years at another university. Thus, you can still get a Bachelor's degree without incurring the expensive costs of studying for 4 years at University.

Due to the diversity of international students, it is also very easy to choose the right school and major. The design of the curriculum has always placed importance on building a program that combines a strong theoretical foundation with practical work skills. Diversity also gives you the flexibility to change majors, even transfer from one school to another.

Believe that, even if you love to go to any city to study abroad, you can also choose a major at a university that is right for you.

American technology and education

Needless to say too much, choosing to study in the US, you are exposed to cutting-edge technology, top-notch techniques throughout the learning process. American universities take great pride in being at the forefront of engineering and teaching techniques, and providing opportunities for their students with the best tools and support. Even if you don't study a discipline that is directly related to engineering or science, you will have the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge techniques to become expert in your profession with the most up-to-date techniques for collecting and processing. information data management.

American universities are committed to using these technologies and techniques in their teaching to expose students to the latest technologies in Science, Engineering and other related disciplines. As a result, schools in the US have trained a team of graduates who are ready to immediately enter the labor market with all the necessary skills and the ability to use the latest technologies and techniques.

4. Financial aid and scholarships

The motivation for international students to choose an American education is the availability of financial aid. Universities in the US have a huge number of scholarships. Depending on the conditions you meet when applying for entry as well as the results in the study process, the scholarship value varies. Many scholarships are renewable for four years, meaning for the duration of your studies at the school, as long as you maintain the required eligibility. This is a great financial help for students when tuition at American schools is not cheap.

In addition to scholarships, many schools also provide loans to students to cover other daily expenses.

For students looking for graduate courses, the number one factor in choosing a university in the US is research funding. The US tops the list of countries that support the costs of student research, followed by the UK.

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