In the current era of information technology development, computer science is certainly always focused, invested and developed in the world leading country in all these fields. You will not only learn about hardware - software but will also deepen your research on the application of that knowledge to people's lives. When studying this major, you will also have access to subjects such as robotics, natural language recognition programs, artificial intelligence, programming languages, arithmetic analysis, problem solving ...

According to Payscale website statistics, the salary of students majoring in Computer Science ranges from $74,583 - $128,146.


Choosing Communication majors when studying in the US, you will spend most of your time studying presentations of different genres such as speeches, scripts, etc. Thereby students will learn how to convey messages. Depending on the culture, context, media, etc. You will also learn verbal and non-verbal messages, audience reactions and influences of different media environments. This major opens up many career opportunities for you, including jobs in business, advertising, journalism, public relations, events, education, media and social services.

The salary of this industry employee ranges from $ 44,141 to $ -106,590.


Many of you think that this industry is a dry field with a large amount of historical knowledge. But in fact, this industry requires them to regularly update major events in the world. Therefore, this field of study is quite interesting and requires you to learn, not afraid to change and always update new things. This major focuses on the study of government policy and often focuses on issues such as the United States government, social policy, foreign policy, politics, and interstate comparison. From there, students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and communication skills, and equip them with extensive knowledge of cultural history. Students need to equip themselves with the skills of reading, writing and synthesizing information. Careers can choose after graduation such as lawyer, politician, journalist.

Political science salaries range from $49,656 to $83,000.


Business is always one of the most chosen professions when studying in any country in the world. Business majors will train you in problem solving, working with numbers, communication and decision making. When studying business in the US, students will have access to the theoretical foundation and principles of subjects such as accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, human resources... You will also learn how to operate effectively a business, how to organize, plan, manage many different types of organizations.

The salary of alumni pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree is $41,200 to $70,700.


Economics is the study of the choices individuals, economic organizations, businesses, and societies make in the allocation of money and other resources. When you study economics, you will be trained in analytical and mathematical thinking. At the same time, you will study the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, thereby helping you understand how the entire economy works. The knowledge from this major is an extremely important foundation for entering business, as well as supporting many other disciplines such as law, community policy and other disciplines.

The salary of economics students ranges from $67,362 -$223,000


If you love languages ​​and literary classics, then this major is definitely for you. Majors in English require you to have a lot of exposure to literary works, poetry, novels around the world. In-depth analysis of literary masterpieces from the world's leading writers will help you practice critical thinking, literary appreciation and creativity. After graduating in English language and literature, you can choose to work in marketing, advertising, public relations or journalism, publishing.

The average salary of students with a Bachelor's degree majoring in English is $48,980 -$80,058.


By studying this major, you will learn about how the brain affects all states and behaviors of people: from learning, perception, thinking to motivation, emotions, and personality. way or psychological disorders in people. After graduation, you can work in a variety of positions such as a counselor or physical therapist. In addition, there are many other professions that also require a good background in psychology such as teachers, child development specialists, lawyers, counselors, depending on your experience and the following courses. when you graduate to support this major

The median salary for those with a bachelor's degree in psychology is $47,530 -$55,260


In the US, health policy for the people is always focused and invested by the government. For that reason, this field of study is also very important. In the first year, students will be equipped with knowledge about medicine, medicine, and patient psychology. By the second semester of their sophomore year, students will begin internships in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Career opportunities for you are also very diverse: nurse, nurse or work in fields such as neurology, oncology, obstetrics, and paediatrics.

The salaries of students who earn the Nursing/Nursing Certificate range from $35,400 to $67,407.


This is a very broad field, encompassing many different branches such as engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry. Chemical Engineering students will learn how to build and operate an industrial plant, how to design a chemical process for an entire plant. You will know how to solve the environmental situation from being polluted by hazardous wastes. As a chemical engineering graduate, students can work in paper mills, fertilizer manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, plastics manufacturers, and many other companies that need their expertise. friend.

The salary of the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering ranges from $69,600 to $116,700.


This discipline studies people, plants, animals, and the environment in which they live, either as individual cells or as whole ecosystems. Students majoring in biology will have access to subjects such as zoology, botany, genetics, biochemistry, etc. Usually, after earning a Bachelor's degree in Biology, you may choose to continue with a master's or doctoral degree to pursue a career as a physician, veterinarian, educator, or researcher. You can also choose to work with a wide range of career options such as laboratory technician, teacher, research assistant, or work in Marketing of pharmaceutical companies or the scientific industry. food study.

The salary of Bachelor of Biology students ranges from $40,065 to $107,500.

Wish you have the right choice when studying in the US, choose the right career for you

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