Choose which major, which school and where is best suited to your own conditions is the question of anyone intending to study in the US. The following article will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you.


American education - a large, dynamic and trendy education in the world with more than 3,500 universities and nearly 500 different disciplines will open a world of endless opportunities and choices. you have to be really confused.

The location of the school is one of the factors that will significantly affect students' learning because it affects factors of health, cost, life, living ... This is also the reason why students students pondered over a lot before entering their desired threshold. Depending on their preferences and personal conditions, each student can choose different regions to study. For example, some people who love mountainous nature with mountain breezes and plants may choose schools in Colorado or Vermont while others love the seas or the green, open suburbs will want to study abroad. in Florida or Southern California,… Besides, there is no shortage of people who are attracted by the modern, bustling and bustling development of San Francisco or New York. Personal preference is just one of the subjective factors that lead to the final decision, moreover, you must carefully consider many important options in terms of living environment, quality of education or favorable transportation conditions, etc. of the study abroad destination. You should anticipate the total amount of money to be spent for your studies plus other expenses, this information will be provided on the school website. In general, areas farther away from the US East and West coasts will have lower cost of living.

Some  typical US study destinations  for you to choose from

There are many options for you, including some typical study abroad destinations in this country such as:

State of Canifornia  with universities CSU Long Beach, Golden Gate (GGU), SSU ... Notably Irvine University (UCI) - a university with 41th highest ranking in the world and 1 in 10 public universities. best in the United States, UCI has received 3 Nobel Prizes for its outstanding educational achievement. Irvine is considered the safest city in the United States and UCI is located in the heart of Orange County, home to world-famous Pacific beaches, located between Los Angeles and San Diego. With the above features, UCI is a great choice for international students. Along with that are the universities of Canifornia, Stanford, Scripps are famous for having the most beautiful campus in the world

The State of New York  with nearly 100 universities and colleges representing universities such as Pace University, St John's, Dowling, Berkeley, Suny - Geneseo - a leading public university in the social sciences. rich system and excellent academic achievement. And talking about New York can not fail to mention Columbia Academy - the oldest senior academy in this state (Cost: 43,304 USD - Enrollment target: 7,743). Columbia annually administers the American Literature Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, and is one of the founding members of the American Association of Universities. Columbia has more links with Nobel Prize holders than any other institution in the world. Annual research grants and funding for Columbia students are among the largest among any university institution in the United States.

State of Connecticut With well-known universities such as: University of New Haven (UNH) with more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of art and science, business, criminal justice, engineering and Forensic science has been ranked in the top-tier universities in the North by US News and World Report UNH magazine. Hartford College, located in a densely populated area near downtown Hartford, Connecticut, has attracted 7,400 students from 45 states and 49 countries and became a university of the world. Bridgeport College, located right on the coast of Long Island Sound, is a private, specialized doctoral school, training international students from 80 countries around the world with internships and collaborative programs that allow students to study. Quickly catch up with reality and get a good job.

Massachusetts  is a very wise and important decision if you want to study at one of the world-famous schools with names that have become "educational brands" such as Harvard, Williams, Boston or MIT. Understanding this destination will be extremely useful for your life as well as your studies when becoming an international student here.

In terms of education, Massachusetts has always held the leading position of the United States, with only 2.5% of the population but up to 5% of the universities. Here the first US university - Harvard University was established in 1636 and became one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Massachusetts alone has 3 universities in the top 10 best universities in the United States. During the 2002-2003 school year, Massachusetts had a total of 31 public universities and 88 private schools. Massachusetts is home to the most famous universities in the United States such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Williams, and Amherst ...

State of Illinois: Known as the "heart of the heart of North America", Illinois is one of the most developed states in terms of both agriculture and industry. Its economic influence has transcended America's borders. Illinois also has many famous Universities with high rankings in the world, with 3 universities in the QS World Ranking 2016-2017 ranking are University of Chicago, Northwestern University and University of Illinois-Champaign.

With the overwhelming size and number of professional schools in the United States, many friends who are determined to study in the US will feel quite "bored" when starting their search journey. Unlike the UK, France or Australia, the high quality American universities can reach 300-400.

Still know that choosing an ideal environment in the US will always make any  international student  "sweat" and more difficult to settle into a new life here, but no one will have. can "turn away" at the opportunity to become a student of a world-class education. That will not change when the old school roof of Harvard is also exalted in the top of the most famous universities in the world with other famous school names in this country such as: Printon, Williams, Amherst, Yale. , MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia ...


1.   Information Technology  (Information Technology)

If you have always wanted to work and be exposed to cutting edge technology innovations, you should choose to study Design, Manufacturing and Applied Informatics as well as Software and Information Systems Management Engineer. Subject includes:

-  Computer science :  Is a discipline related to software design, algorithms ..

- Artificial Intelligence (AI) :  The artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence  is a branch of computer science . A human programmed intelligence with the goal of helping computers automate intelligent behaviors like humans. Artificial intelligence differs from  programming logic  in  programming languages ​​by  applying machine learning systems   to simulate human intelligence in the processes that humans do better than computers. Specifically, artificial intelligence helps computers to have human intelligence such as: thinking and reasoning to solve problems, communicating by understanding language, language, learning and adapting themselves.

- Computer Engineering (Computer Engineering) :  Specialization requires engineers to focus on the two aspects of hardware and software technology, and they will see the two interact together.

>>  Study abroad in the US: distinguish computer science (computer science) and computer engineering (computer engineering )

2.  Engineer Chemical  (Chemical Engineering) & Chemistry (Chemistry)

This is a very broad field, encompassing many different branches such as engineering, chemistry and biochemistry. Chemical engineering students will learn how to build and operate industrial plants, how to design chemical processes for an entire factory. You will learn how to deal with the environment from being polluted by hazardous waste. When graduating from Chemical Engineering, students can work in paper mills, fertilizer manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, plastics manufacturers, and many other companies that require expertise from friend.

3. Mechanical Engineer (Mechanical Engineering)

Mechanical Engineering is a very promising field in the future. However, this specialized training in the country is heavy in theory, lack of practice and knowledge to learn not close to business needs. In addition, the teaching facilities of the schools are outdated and inadequate. Therefore, many of you have chosen to study abroad in order to improve your knowledge and develop your career.

4. Engineering Aerospace (Aerospace Engineering)

An aerospace engineer can be understood as an engineer in areas such as aircraft engineers, rocket engineers or engineers studying space equipment such as satellites or spacecraft. They may specialize in a specific field such as propulsion, electronic or aerodynamic systems, materials and structures ... They are the ones who apply scientific and technological principles and laws to research, Design and develop as well as maintain and test space equipment such as satellites, rockets, civilian and military aircraft, and space vehicles. They also work with the components that make up the aforementioned aircraft or systems.

5. Business & Management (Business ) : Within the framework of the programs in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Business Administration, you will get acquainted with useful skills, promises to open the door to bring you to "important" projects in the future

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