If you are cherished dream of studying in USA then please refer to the list 9 disciplines that American education has strengths in training the following before making the decision final . This list is for reference only and is relative, so in case your favorite subject does not appear, it just means that you can study it anywhere, not necessarily the US.

1. Computer Science / Information Technology

It is true that large technology corporations in the world such as Google , Apple or Microsoft are located in the famous Silicon Valley in the US, so this country is definitely one of the best places to pursue two disciplines. who owns the 4.0 era is Computer Science or Information Technology . When choosing to study these two majors in the US, you not only have access to the latest knowledge updated every day, but also have the right environment to struggle and thrive after graduation. With an American degree, you will have the opportunity to join organizations operating in the field of great technology not only in the United States but also anywhere in the world.

Computer Science: First Choice for a Solid Career. This is some university should you choose: The University of Law, Heriot-Watt University, University of Gloucestershire, Durham University, University of Aberdeen, University of Bristol, Aberystwyth University, Oxford Brookes University, Keele University, Swansea University

2. Communication / Marketing

The US may not be the best country in the world in some ways but no one can deny it is the top famous and popular country. Almost everyone knows America and no matter how many events this country happens, there are countless people who aspire to come here to study or work. To achieve this result, it must include the merits of the media team of the US government in particular and all other areas of American society in general. In terms of international education alone, the communications department of American universities has done a very good job of making this country the second most coveted study destination in the world. So choosing to study Media where there is experience in "image coverage" everywhere like the US is a wise decision.

3. Business / Economy / Finance

The fact that the US is a country with a strong economy in the top of the world is a convincing enough reason for you to choose this place to study in the field of Business , Economics or Finance. Of course, each market will have a different way of operating, but you can still learn the good things of America to flexibly adjust and apply to your career anywhere in the world. With a culturally diverse environment, which is an extremely diverse number of potential customers like in the US, you will have many conditions to observe, test and draw many valuable lessons. If you can afford and have enough courage, you can try your best to start a business in the US with a market of more than 300 million people with great potential.

Top University: University of Maryland, University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill, Texas A&M University, Washington University in St Louis, Rice University

4. English language

The US is not the only country that uses English as an official language, but if you prefer to study English with an American accent, not British or Australian accent, this country is the best choice. When studying English in the US, you will have to try many times more than when studying in the country to meet the standards of native teachers, so your competitiveness after graduation will also be higher. Although the same English language major, but an American degree still makes you stand out. You should not think that learning English is easy because mastering a foreign language and passing rigorous tests in the US to graduate is a big challenge for international students like you.

5. Movies

No need to argue too much, the fact that Hollywood almost dominates the world film market is a compelling enough reason for you to choose this place to learn everything related to movies such as director, writer , acting. tablets or tricks. Learning to make movies will spend a lot of money on end-of-course imaging products, so you can consider hunting for a scholarship to save a lot of money. The film production environment in the US of course will not be compared to Vietnam, so if you want to develop a career in the country, you need to prepare mentally that you will have to "join the custom" and flexibly apply what has already been. study in the United States.

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