In today's globalization era, the search for learning environment becomes much more diverse and broad, it can be another province, another city, even in another country. In the past, studying abroad was a luxury, only rich families allowed their children to study abroad, today, studying abroad is a fairly popular trend in Vietnam.

Currently, studying abroad is a concept that is very interested by parents as well as students, especially final year high school students - the stage of completing the general education program. In particular, when it comes to studying abroad, the country everyone must first mention is the United States. Studying abroad in the US is always a top target for those who intend to study in a foreign environment.

With excellent teaching quality with a variety of curriculum, the US has successfully built a desirable educational environment. If you choose to study in the US, this will be a great opportunity to access one of the best education systems in the world.

The benefits from studying abroad in the US:

The first benefit of studying abroad in the US is that the environment here will give you more diverse and flexible study opportunities. The Higher Education and Postgraduate Education System in the US offers many options for students. The programs of study are designed on the basis of comprehensive promotion in all aspects of students. It is a combination of theoretical mastery and proficiency in practical work skills. If you want to find a specialized program or explore a unique - strange subject such as Video Game Design, Comics, Technology and Industrial Management, studying abroad in the US is a perfect choice.

In addition, a highlight when studying in the US is that students enrolled in the Postgraduate programs will have a chance to gain valuable experience in research and teaching through research assistant programs. and tutors. These programs help students to partially cover the costs of studying as well as gain a lot of useful experience for the future if choosing fields of research and teaching.

Another advantage when studying in the US is that the international student support system at universities will help you adapt to a new life more easily and quickly. Support activities are held almost throughout the course of study, from the organization of an initial information program to future support such as finding a job for graduating students.

Student life is rich and diverse:

Besides the main issue is studying, once you have chosen to study in the US, another issue you need to consider is student life. The learning environment in the US offers a variety of options for students from curriculum to extracurricular activities such as culture - sports. This not only helps students strengthen their knowledge but also helps students improve their language as well as have the opportunity to interact with many different cultures through making friends from all over the world. gender.

As a country with a global education, the study and experience gained from an American University are valuable in the international job market. Going to study in the US you will be educated towards long-term career goals after graduation.

Studying in the US will help students develop physically and mentally, build critical thinking skills, increase adaptability and increase confidence in communicating in a multicultural environment. All of these skills are highly valued in the eyes of employers around the world.

For part-time work while studying, international students in the US are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus, and an unlimited number of hours during holidays. US law limits foreign students to work off campus to the maximum, so you should be aware if you need to work more hours to cover costs while studying.

Another issue that is always a concern when many parents send their children to study in the US is the security and safety of people as well as personal property. Over the last few decades, immigrants in the US have increased significantly, equivalent to the number of international students coming to study from all over the world. This leads to the formation of racial diversity, contributing to reducing the stigma or racism that many parents fear.

In addition, American universities are very concerned with the safety of their students. The campus is usually very safe, whether it is large or located in busy urban areas. Small schools have guards, larger schools have their own police and area police are always on duty day and night, you absolutely do not have to worry about security issues when studying in the US.

With the above reasons, do you still hesitate with your decision to study in the US?


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